Sebastopol Geese

It’s exciting that tomorrow we are off to get three new members at the farm.

We have been offered the oppertunity to bring a trio of

Sebastopol Geese to the conservatory. 

We’ve been wanting to add these beautiful birds to our flock of heritage poultry for quite some time, but as you know they can be rather costly, and we wanted to start with birds of good quality.  Geese that showed great feathering.  While we’ve been looking for Sebastopol Gooslings for sale, it was or our reputation for really caring about our birds that brought us this oppertunity.


We’ll be making the drive to Lady Lake, in the middle of the state, to collect the geese that where looking for “just the right” new home.

We’re kind of curious what our resident male Giant African Grey Goose is going to think of his new goose neighbors.  He’s been pretty lonely since his mate “Momma Goose” passed on.  While he has the run of the barnyard, he pretty much ignores all the chickens and goings on to hang out near his favorite mirror.  We’ve figure it was his way of looking for love.

Since budgets are tight we haven’t had a chance to replace his wife, but if you know someone who has a goose that needs a gander – let us know.  Perhaps that will be another “Goose-y Loose -y” car trip we’ll be taking.

And now?  Sandy, our director, has made sure that the new goose home will be finished by the time we get back, and we’ve got extra help coming to take Sandy’s place while she’s gone. (She does the majority of the feeding, watering, etc.)

Can’t wait to add a Sebastopol Goose page to the website.

- MadelineHere

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